Real life Art

What if we rewrite the stars

I made this drawing as a Birthday present. The person I made it for is a huge fan of '' The Greatest Showman '' and the musical scene '' What if we rewrite the stars ''. So I drew the scene in watercolors and put out a text of the line they are singing. 

May 2020


I found an old picture of me picking flowers in 2006. I thought the picture was adorable and decided to draw it with watercolor. 

July 2019


This is an water color drawing I made for my grandma for her birthday.

I took pictures from all of ous from seperate times to make a group portrait and drew all of us together. I can improve on it in the future but love to have a memory of all of the grandchildren with our grandma. 

August 2022

Father's day

I made a drawing of me, my sister, and my dad in watercolor to my dad as a father's day present.


This is a watercolor drawing for my mother on her Birthday / Mother's day. I used some pictures of us from a recent photo so it would be kinda relevant looking. I Had a blast painting it.

May 2022


This is a self-portrait made in 2020, and the reference was a picture taken the same year.
I used medium watercolor and pencil.

October 2019