This is a showreel with my past year's animations 2022
I hope you like this one :)
Still have a long way to go, and learn in the future :) 

Volvo S90

This is a short car visualization, made in Unreal Engine 5 for school purposes.
Car was given to all students from your teacher, and material from unreal pack.
Took about 2 weeks to make.

February 2023

JBL Clip

The video is a projects were implemented within school assignments for an educational purpose, not for commercial purposes.
I hope you enjoy it. 

JBL Clip model: Made by lykhodidk over at sketchfab
Backpack model: Made by DailyArt over at sketchfab
Music over at youtube
The software used is 3Ds max 
And post production is made in Nuke

April 2022

Satisfying Smile

This is my latest school project, which was made with the software Houdini. We had over one week to work on it after having lectures for about two weeks learning how to use Houdini. So I took a very easy concept, which was inspired by Lucas_zanotto 
 All animation, objects, texture, and light were handmade by me.
I'm happy with the end result, for being my first time in Houdini. And now I know I can go way further. 

 Hope you liked it ^-^

Sep 2022

Visual Arena

This is in cooperation with the program Visual Arena from Lindholmen Science park in Gothenburg Sweden. This was made to play before a presentation while the audience takes their places. 

 -Everything in the video as the animated, modeled, material, and light is made with blender. The process took about 2-3 months with constant feedback and changes.

 -Post-production was made in Premiere pro and music was found by another intern.

Dec 2022


This is my first project in Unreal Engine 5, for school.
We had one week prior of education to learn the software and make a scenery. I'm happy with what I got and, if I keep working on it in the future it will get better. Was lots of fun experimenting. 

May 2022

Nintendo Switch

The video is a short animation of the game console Nintendo Switch. The purpose of the video is to make slow camera motions and light it in a realistic way.
3D model from - Michael Groves at GrabCad
Music from - Real Vlog Music on Youtube
The software used is 3Ds max

April 2022

Easing News

This is a group project made for school.
 (Swedish speaking)
My classmates involved in it is:
 We used Maya, 3D's Max, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Blender. Thanks to our temporary teacher for teaching us about green screen keying and the teacher who left us his studio to record. - Had a lovely time working on it from scratch to the finished product with my amazing classmates.

Mars 2021

Ghost at school

Last project of the first year at school. Have had an amazing time with a lot of new friends and so excited for the next year.
I used 3D's Max and Vray to render out the ghost. I used nuke to post prduction the ghost in to my filmed fotage and colorgrade it to be more blue.
Model: LordDiego at Sketchfab
Music: Memories_ (Sad_ Music Box) by Michael Ortega at Yoytube
Women screame: Woman Terrified Scream _ Horror Sound Effect at Yoytube
Brething: Scary Whisper Breathing Sound Effect at Yoytube
Glitch: Glitch Sound Effects at Yoytube

May 2022


The purpose of the video is to show the emotions the character goes through.
When I made this I had the idea of a teenager looking around on the internet and finding something they really ceare about and made a loud noise, and 
their parent enters the room annoyed at the loud sound. But after looking at the screen they agree that they can be happy over what the teenager is looking at. Then the teenager makes another happy sound to celebrate.
When the animation was made did we use an already modeled and rigged characters. They do not have clothes on them, because the assignment was only to show emotions and not learn fabric material. 

May 2021


This is a school assignment where we used Tyflow in 3Ds max.

March 2022


The video is a short animation of pencils.
This is a school asignment, where the purpose are to take a CAD product and prep it for 3Ds max.
Then later on texture it as whell as of lightning it to have small highlights and a good look. The camera movments where to be slow and have fades betwin segments.

March 2022

Fight scene

The video is a short animation of a spell attack. The video was made for a school purpose, an animation class. The purpose of the video was to make a short attack animation, where I decided to make a spell attack like if it were to be in a game.
The software we used was Maya

March 2021

My Pastry!

In this assignment, we were to use After Effects and have to use some time manipulation in it.
 I decided to have myself take the pastry from myself.
 It was a fun assignment and I learned a lot from it.

February 2022

Diploma Project

This video was made in school for the animation class. The purpose of the video is to learn how to animate in 3D.
We made a project in high school, where I and my friend worked together once a week for half a year. Where we decided to have the music from Disney's movie ''Teen beach movie'' where the music is called ''Can't stop singing''. The link to the original music is here:
I worked mainly on the animation in the 3D program Maya, meanwhile, my friend worked on the models and textures. The riggs on the character were computer-made and were hard to control. But in the end, I learned the basics of how an animation and music video can be made.

March 2021