Digital Art

Meet the Artist

Meet the artist is a trend where you draw a litel doodel of how you see yourself or a persona, and include a litel of yourself.
I have been doing one eatch year sens 2021.

Jan 2021- Jan 2024

Profile picture

I made this profile picture for myself. I'm proud of how it turned out. I made it from the side and from the front. I could add facial expressions and details, but I think this looks a lot better.

June 2019


This is a drawing I made for an Instagram challenge. The point of the challenge was to draw one half and have a real picture of a human on the other side. 
March 2020


This was is my current art style while drawing on my digital platforms from 2021-2024

April 2021

Cartoon sketch Profile

Followed an amazing tutorial on Youtube to create an easy cute cartoon profile of yourself on procreate.
You can find it over at: Genevieve's Design Studio, youtube

March 2023 

Cartoon profile picture

This is my current art style while drawing on my digital platforms.

Jan 2024

Duck feeder

This is a drawing I made to a friend. He was feeding ducks on a walk and I took a picture. And loved it so much I made a drawing of it.

Oct 2023

Fun ride!

Me and my friends went to Liseberg's amusement park in Sweden and we went on Flumeride.
All our expressions were hilarious and I had to make a drawing to commemorate it.

Oct 2023

Skatter Boi

Made a drawing as a gift for my friend.
He usely skates on a longboard during the summers and wanted to give him one drawing as a gift.

Oct 2023


This is an artwork that is based on a real picture that was taken. I mostly trace the outlines of the picture to get the base, then I colored it in. Later I shaded it and highlighted some parts.

Sep 2021


My friendgroup loves ducks and we keep geting senarious what our ducks are doing. So I keep drawing ducks. Have a look!


Frog and Duck

I and a friend had a collab where I did the duck and duck hat, while she did the frog and frog hat.

You can find her at:
Prixoon in instagram

Feb 2024

Concept art

This is a concept art of a DnD character. I have drawn her in different poses, likewise with different emotions.
You can see some have been coloured while some are colorless. 

June 2021

Fluffy Cow

Got from my friend a really cute fluffy cow as a christmas present and really got inspierd to draw one fluffy Highland cow.

Dec 2023


I love bees and drawing of them, while looking around I found the quote ''Beelieve'' with a bee. Feel like I had to try make my own and it turned out so cute!
Got inspiers by MilkyTomatos bees.

March 2023



In the month of October, there is a challenge in which whoever joins the challenge is given a prompt list they follow throughout the month. There is a selection of different prompt lists you can choose from, or you can do your own.   
This October I choose to make my own prompts list, which I decided to draw every other day in the month. The prompt list gives the artist great freedom regarding which way they want to depict the theme of the day's prompt. I decided to draw a combination of fanart of Dream SMP with the prompt list.

If you scroll down you can see all the days, but if you wanna see everything with explanations you can find them on my Instagram: 

October 2022

Tubbo and Ranboo

This is fanart of the twitch and youtube creators Tubbo to the left and Ranboo to the right. 
I used the same method as the picture above, where I took a real picture and traced it for the basics. Later I shaded it and highlighted it.

June 2021

Ranboo, Tubbo, and Tommy

This is a fanart made to be my phone wallpaper and found it so adorable I had to share it.
I got a lot of inspiration from Leniproduction aych designs.

Really love how it turned out <3


I used my iPad, with the program ibsPaintX

September 2022

Clingy duo

A cute drawing of my favorite boys Tubbo and TommyInnit as children hugging.

February 2023 

Philza and Babby Tommy

A cute drawing of TommyInnit as an children with Philza.

February 2023

Wilbur and Tommy

A cute drawing of TommyInnit and Wilbur eating Icecream together <3


Snow Fight

Is a snow fight between Bench trio (Ranboo, TommyInnit, and Tubbo) against Karlnapity (Sapnap, Karl, and Quackity).

Base / referens by: sozaiya_yogi

December 2022

Karlnapity shearing a scarf

A sweet winter drawing of Sapnap, Karl, and Quackity shearing the same scarf during a cold winter day.

December 2022

Karlnapity Hart hands

A sweet love drawing of Quackity, Karl, and Sapnap. They are making love hearts with their hands crossed all over. 

February 2023

Sapnap, Karl and Quackity

This art piece is of the throuple lovers on Dream smp. 
To the left is Sapnap, middle Karl Jacobs and to the right is Quackity

Augusti 2021

Wilbur, Tommy and Philza

This is a fanart of the twitch and youtube creators Wilbur Soot, TommyInnIt and Philza. This drawing is modeled after a moment in Tom Simons youtube vlog where they visit an amusement park, and is drawn in my style.

June 2021

Ranboo, Tubbo and Michael

This is fanart of the minecraft characters from Dream SMP, where you can see Ranboo to the left, Tubbo to the right, and Michael in the middle.
This art piece was for pride month, to celebrate pride and these 3 are my favorite characters on the Dream smp.  

June 2021