Digital Art

Profile picture

I made this profile picture for myself. I'm proud of how it turned out. I made it from the side and from the front. I could add facial expression and details, but I think this looks a lot better.


This is a drawing I made for an Instagram challenge. The point of the challenge was to draw one half and have a real picture of a human on the other side. 


This is my current art style while drawing on my digital platforms. 


This is an art work that is based on a real picture that was taken. I mostly trace the outlines of the picture to get the base, then I colored it in. Later I shaded it and highlighted some parts.

Concept art

This is a concept art of a DnD character. I have drawn her in different poses, likewise with different emotions.
You can see some have been coloured while some are colorless. 



This is fanart of the twitch and youtube creators Tubbo to the left and Ranboo to the right. 
I used the same method as the picture above, where I took a real picture and traced it for the basics. Later I shaded it and highlighted it.

June 2021

Ranboo, Tubbo, and Tommy

This is a fanart made to be my phone wallpaper and found it so adorable I had to share it.
I got a lot of inspiration from Leniproduction aych designs.

Really love how it turned out <3


I used my iPad, with the program ibsPaintX

September 2022

Sapnap, Karl and Quackity

This art piece is of the throuple lovers on Dream smp. 
To the left is Sapnap, middle Karl Jacobs and to the right is Quackity

Augusti 2021

Wilbur, Tommy and Philza

This is a fanart of the twitch and youtube creators Wilbur Soot, TommyInnIt and Philza. This drawing is modeled after a moment in Tom Simons youtube vlog where they visit an amusement park, and is drawn in my style.

June 2021

Ranboo, Tubbo and Michael

This is fanart of the minecraft characters from Dream SMP, where you can see Ranboo to the left, Tubbo to the right and Michael in the middle.
This art piece was for pride month, to celebrate pride and these 3 are my favorite characters on the Dream smp.  

June 2021

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